Love and Marriage.

I use to believe in a love that I wanted to marry the person I was with. I thought I had it once until she broke up with me without warning. The heartbreak was overwhelming, it put me into a downward spiral to the point of me attempting to end my life. I didn’t attempt because I lost her or because of the breakup I attempted because I had lost everything that was important to me, my home and my pets.

It’s only been in the past year I’ve realized how much she was manipulating me, telling me all the things I needed to hear in regards to love, life and my mental illness. Everything was a lie.

Before she ended it with me she had already begun another relationship with a man 3600 miles away in Scotland. She has apparently married him.

I use to believe in love.


I feel myself falling back into the pit. I’m closing out my friends, I have no desire to talk to anyone or doing anything I just want to lay in bed all day and sleep. While it’s a wish I know I can’t because the are people who depend on my full do the things I need to do. I just wish there was a time for me to do what I want and have no expectations from anyone else.


A few weeks ago my DSLR camera broke after many years of service. Taking pictures of nature is not only a hobby but one of the few things that make me happy and forget about my depression. Problem is since I’m not really working I can’t afford to get a new one.

My best friend decided to create a Go Fund Me page to try and get my friends to donate for a new camera. I tried to talk her out of doing it and have asked her to take it down, I told her I’d rather pretend my friends like and care about me then to find out they don’t.

A new camera will cost $1200 a week into the fundraising only $90 has been raised. I didn’t really expect anyone to donate but I did sort of hoped my friends would come through and donate enough to at least help towards buying a new one. In all honestly I’m surprised I got the $90. At least I know now almost all of my friends won’t come through for me and I know who cares. Oh well.


Today is one of those days when my brain is feeling me to stop existing. I’m growing tired of fighting this demon, it seems to get stronger everytime. I UAE to be able to block it out, tell it to leave me alone, tell it to shut up but those coping skills aren’t working for me. I keep busy, play the music loud, try to sing along but it just isn’t working out the thoughts anymore and it makes my heart heavy. Oh well on with my day.


I’m just about two years out of a sixteen year relationship and a year and a half since my suicide attempt. I’m looking to start dating again and wondering at what point do you come out about ones mental illness and the attempt. How soon do I want to scare them away?


One of the people I follow on Twitter asked this question a few weeks back. Can two people with mental health issues have a successful relationship within each other?

From my experience it’s a no but that’s only one experience with someone who was diagnosed. The person I was in a relationship and engaged to was diagnosed with severe depression. At some point in our relationship she had gone her meds without me knowing because she stated I was her prozac, that’s when things went downhill.

That’s just my one experience. However I’m not saying it couldn’t work but I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts about it were.