Why I can’t get DBT therapy.

My psychiatrists office wants me to undergo a treatment called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) a proven effective treatment for people like me. After researching the three local suggested offices that offer the treatment they state that insurance doesn’t cover most of the treatment or covers it at all. This means hundreds of dollars or more out of pocket which I can’t afford and I am guessing thousands more who could benefit from it can’t either. This needs to be fixed!

As it is most psychiatrist don’t accept insurance because they don’t get reimbursed enough. In the past year when looking for help we found psychiatrist had varying rates ranging from $125-$350 or more per session. I don’t know many who can afford those rates every week. It seems next to impossible to really get the help one truly needs!

Right now I’m just seeing a psych nurse for medications and a counselor/social worker who I really like. While she’s helpful on some things she can only do so much. So whats a person like me suppose to do but to fight on my own and depend on friends to try and save me from destructive behavior. Maybe someday the meds will actually work. Rant over.

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