I’ve been out of a job in the corporate world since 2011 due to my deep depression after losing my mother. The depression kept me from reaching my full potential and I realized this. I took a little of a year off from the work world and did some traveling and then started working for my then girlfriend who owns a pet sitting service.

This August I moved out of our house after our break-up. I had some money saved up which I’ve been living off of plus what I get working for the ex but I’m running out of money sooner then planned.

I’ve been looking for a corporate job for over a year and getting no response whatsoever to my resume. I have enough money to lay me until January maybe February then I’m homeless.

Homelessness scares me. It’ll mean I’ve completely hit rock bottom and I’ll have no way to fully take care of my needs le shelter and food.

If I reach that point I will likely attempt to end my life and will do my best I’m successful. I cannot hit rock bottom.

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