Ever since I was a kid I was told that wishes came true. All you had to do was wish upon a shooting star, blow the seeds off of a dandelion. And there’s also the eyelash wish.

It wasn’t until my late teens or early 20’s a girlfriend told me about wishing on 11:11. After she explained it I started wishing on 11:11 whenever I saw it. I figured if wishes were to ever come true it’d be on the 11:11 wishes since 1 and 3 or any combination of those two numbers are my favorite numbers (1, 3, 11, 13, etc.)

I wished for many things, things for myself, friends, loved ones who were battling cancer. It took losing 8 friends and family to the disease since 2001, having my heart broken again and again with their passing and failed relationships especially over the past two years to realize wishes don’t come true.

I’m done with wishes.

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