A few weeks ago my DSLR camera broke after many years of service. Taking pictures of nature is not only a hobby but one of the few things that make me happy and forget about my depression. Problem is since I’m not really working I can’t afford to get a new one.

My best friend decided to create a Go Fund Me page to try and get my friends to donate for a new camera. I tried to talk her out of doing it and have asked her to take it down, I told her I’d rather pretend my friends like and care about me then to find out they don’t.

A new camera will cost $1200 a week into the fundraising only $90 has been raised. I didn’t really expect anyone to donate but I did sort of hoped my friends would come through and donate enough to at least help towards buying a new one. In all honestly I’m surprised I got the $90. At least I know now almost all of my friends won’t come through for me and I know who cares. Oh well.

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