One of the people I follow on Twitter asked this question a few weeks back. Can two people with mental health issues have a successful relationship within each other?

From my experience it’s a no but that’s only one experience with someone who was diagnosed. The person I was in a relationship and engaged to was diagnosed with severe depression. At some point in our relationship she had gone her meds without me knowing because she stated I was her prozac, that’s when things went downhill.

That’s just my one experience. However I’m not saying it couldn’t work but I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts about it were.

One thought on “Relationships.

  1. I dated a guy with similar issues to me and it was great. It was nice not having to explain myself or new judged our fear whether a person would be able to handle knowing about my issues. It ended up not working because he wasn’t that different than most people, basically an asshole.


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