There are days when after my mood plummets and it seems as the medications are worthless I feel I’d be better off checking into the hospital.

Here’s why I will never go to the hospital again after being in the psych ward in my area I’ve seen how screwed up our mental health system is here in Maryland.

I was in the psych ward for eight days. The first day was on the emergency room after that it was two days in the BHU because the were no beds available on the psych ward.

Once in the psych ward I saw the psychiatrist for about an hour to get my story, every visit after that lasted five to ten minutes to check up and see if i was still suicidal. I could’ve played the system a CD day I didn’t and would probably have been released that day or the next but I wanted the help. The help was useless so I played the system, I have suicidal thoughts every.

My schedule while locked up consisted of waking up, have breakfast, do activities such as sit around watch TV, color, play cards or do laps around the ward. We would have group therapy for i think a half hour maybe longer I don’t remember. Either way I was the only one participating voluntarily. After therapy it was lunch done then back to the above mentioned activities then dinner. After dinner visitors were allowed, some got them others didn’t. Then back to activities until bedtime which was eleven o’clock. Rinse and repeat.

Since being released I have become a volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I’m hoping to work with the advocacy team to sway our local and federal elected officials to spend more money on mental health awareness, fund mental health assistance for those who can’t afford it and for suicide prevention.

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