Black Sheep.

I along with my Mother were and I still am the black sheep of the family. For me some of the examples include is my Grandmother physically abusing me and her telling my oldest brother while beating me that she hates me as much as he does. With my Aunts one took my brother on a trip to Texas and Mexico and Mexico, the other offered to give her car to him, when he said no she offered to sell it to me. There are many other examples but I won’t bother you with those.

A couple weeks I participated in a 5k race. I sent out a group email asking for donations to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In that email I talked about my attempt, one of those people was my brother. I have not really talked to my family since 2011, shortly after my mothers passing. I did try to reconnect with one Aunt a couple years ago but that was short lived.

Back to the email. Most in that email knew about my attempt, I obviously did not tell my family since I haven’t talked to them so the email was the first time anyone in my family heard about it. I included my brother just to see if he would respond to see what was going on in my life, he never responded but I was not surprised by that.

I have recently moved out of my home, when my ex and I broke up I told her she could have the house. Anyway, after my mother’s passing I inherited everything. I m trying now to minimize my possessions and some of that includes family photos. I reached out to my aunt by marriage and my cousins on Wednesday to see if any of them were interested in any photos I had of their husband/father so far I’ve heard nothing from them so those photos still be trashed.

The way I look at it now is that I have no family and am pretty much alone in the world except for a few close friends. If anyone would like to adopt me I’m available :-).

2 thoughts on “Black Sheep.

  1. I’ll adopt you.
    My personal experience is not so extreme, but I am no longer on speaking terms with my father. He essentially admitted that he has no emotional connection to me basically because I wanted to make my own decisions in life. But, I know good people who treat me like a daughter. Occasionally, life gives us gifts.


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