Since the breakup with She Who Shall Not Be Named numerous songs have come out that remind me of our relationship. While hearing those songs triggered an emotional response I’ve been finding them to do so less a bad less. I also find that the hard rock and metal bands write songs about mental illness than any other genres.

Here are some of the songs if interested and follow I interpret them.

Nothing More – Let’s Go To War: To me this is about a relationship where one has a mental disorder and the other doesn’t understand it. Instead they save up every song the other did until it all blows up into a big argument and that’s it. There’s more to it just a brief synopsis just not doing a great job articulating my thoughts on this one.

Nothing More Just Say When: The song is self explanatory. It’s where one or both in the relationship just stop talking to each other and making the relationship work.

Nothing More – Fade In/Fade Out: All though this song is from a son’s perspective I imagine from the way she talked about her father it was the type of relationship she had with him.

Since Sour – Song #3: This song really got to me. The way I instantly fell in love with her and made me believe she was in love with me, up until that point I had never felt a love for someone as much as I did her.

This is the latest one.

In This Moment featuring Rob Halford – Black Wedding: Once I had overcame my fears about moving to be with her there wouldn’t have been anything I wouldn’t have done for her. I would’ve treated her like Queen I believed her to be and she would’ve been spoiled by me.

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